Each Vegan Chef Challenge (VCC) has a major impact on the city in which it’s held. Since the restaurants add the VCC menu to their regular menu, the vegan offerings reach omnivores as well as vegans. The majority of restaurants keep their most popular VCC items on their regular menu even after the VCC is over. In addition, most restaurants continue to add more new vegan options to their menus since they now see that there is a high demand for vegan options!

September 20 – October 20, 2019

  • 18 restaurants participated.
  • 43 new vegan menu items were offered.
  • After the challenge, more vegan options were added to menus.
October 2019

  • 44 restaurants participated.
  • 204 new vegan menu items were offered.
  • 26 items became a permanent menu item.
  • After the challenge, more vegan options were added to menus.
October 2011

  • 100+ articles/interviews in magazines such as Veg News, local newspapers, blogs, radio, and during TV spots.
  • 100+ restaurants have participated, 30-35 restaurants participate annually, 5-10 new venues added each year.
  • 90% of restaurants permanently keep or increase vegan options on their menus.
Feedback from Chefs

  • El Papagayo, Sacramento, CA Approximately 75% of their customer base are vegan diners. They had a minimal amount of vegan diners before participating in Vegan Chef Challenge events.
  • Pho Fresh, Rancho Cordova, CA 25% of sales were due to Vegan Chef Challenge specials and over 1500 specials were sold.
  • VEG Cafe, Sacramento, CA 20% of sales were due to Vegan Chef Challenge specials and over 535 specials were sold.
  • Nectar Cafe, Auburn, CA 10% of sales were due to the 2018 Vegan Chef Challenge. They said it was the largest single market response that they have received so far.
  • Wild Rooster Bistro, Fair Oaks, CA Over 200 new customers to their restaurant and over 300 Vegan Chef Challenge specials sold.
October 2019

  • 14 restaurants participated.
  • 4 items added to permanent menus.
Feedback from Chefs

  • Babushka Restaurant is excited to have vegan customers and looks forward to offering vegan dishes based on seasonality of produce.
  • Crumbs is adding a vegan section to their breakfast, lunch, and bar menus including items offered in the challenge and more.
  • Lokanta Walnut Creek added the challenge dishes to their catering menu, will have vegan items on the menu, and will be adding vegan specials.
  • RÊVE Bistro will always have a vegetarian option for each course and sometimes a vegan item, but they will always create vegan items with a couple of days’ notice.
  • Esin Restaurant & Bar, will be keeping vegan items on the menu.
October 2010

  • 25+ articles/mentions in newspapers, magazines, blogs, and on TV.
  • 75% of restaurants permanently adopted vegan dishes.
  • 50% of restaurants continue to host vegan events and/or add vegan options.
  • 60% of dining participants surveyed are omnivores.
Feedback from Chefs

  • Guglhupf Bakery, Cafe & Biergarten, Durham, NC continues to host events such as German and Vegan Wine Dinner. “The Bull City Vegan Challenge [was] eye-opening on a number of levels. There’s tremendous interest and demand for vegan options. It’s really fun and adventurous to create flavorful, bold vegan dishes that surprise even the most seasoned diners that they are 100% plant based.”